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Materials inventory_ it is back!

Archicle Materials Trade is back! Starting W04 23rd March, it is held like a click&collect system on most Tuesday afternoons. Keep up to date on our social media on which Tuesdays! 

After having our materials locked down in uni and some reorganising, you can trade materials from Archicle once more! This time, we will determine a day for collection after you submit a request!


Head to "Materials" button on the left.

Post Processing Workshop_

The Post-Processing Workshop is an opportunity for students to learn the process of developing and enhancing rendered drawings using both V-ray for Rhino and Photoshop.


Basic knowledge of Rhino and Photoshop is required.

So register now! Spots are limited.


check out this timelapse from our last year's workshop here!

Interested? Register here!

11th April 2021 (SUNDAY)
@10.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Render in Illustrator_

Looking to stand out? Give your renders a visual edge! Learn to render in Illustrator-Photoshop!

Learn the process (incl tips & tricks) check out the workshop lead's work here.

Interested? Register here!

03rd April 2021
@10.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Webinar with March Studio 2021_

Come join us at our first webinar event with March Studio on their
project Transoccupat ion / "Foreverhome"!

If you are interested in the research behind this innovative, low-cost housing project, and want to take t his opportunity to ask
quest ions to Julien Ybert, Architectural Designer behind
Transoccupation, then register here!

Transoccupation / "Foreverhome"

23rd March 2021
@7.00 PM - 8.00 PM

"Foreverhome is ongoing research into low cost, flexible and
interchangeable housing. As the affordable housing shortage and
climate crisis choke the country, Foreverhome challenges archaic
construction and procurement methods, unsustainable materials
proposing new architectural typologies''.

Julien Ybert I Architectural Designer at March Studio

online resources_

We have recently added a super-useful register of online resources. Check it out on our 'RESOURCES' page

Summerfest stall_

We will be online on Hopin for UMSU virtual Summerfest 2021. Check it out on our 'EVENTS' page